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Our pups and dogs are raised and kept in our home and not in a kennel. We aim to breed healthy happy and well socialized puppies raised in a loving family environment. We raise our puppies differently to many making our puppies easy to train and allows their transition to their new home easier. We have a few litters of puppies each year. We are not a kennel. Our goal is to breed Quality, Beautiful, well socialized puppies. Each Puppy is Sold DNA health Tested thru Embark. Embark test for 159 diseases. All of Our parents have been tested.

Corgi puppies for sale

We raise the puppies in our home with cats, dogs and our children. We consider them to be family so we play with the puppies and take them on a few car rides as well. They enjoy playing outdoors when the weather is warm.

One of the things I love about this breed is that they love the whole family and not just one person. They love to cuddle. They are very laid back. They love car rides, baths & walks. Dressing them up is easy and fun.

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About Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, one of two Corgi breeds, was first recognized as the smallest of the American Kennel Club’s Herding group in 1934. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s history is can be traced back to the 10th century, making it a very old breed of canine. Not to be confused with its close relative, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a friendly and jovial dog breed that makes a great family pet. Telling the difference between the two for the common person can most easily be achieved by the tails of the Corgi.

available puppiesCorgi puppies for sale


Kana – Female $700


Mochie – Male $700


Koko – Female $700


Poncho – Male $700


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi will most always have a docked tail, while the Cardigan will have a full tail. The Cardigan is also a bit larger, and has larger ears. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi will generally have a coat color of red, sable, fawn, or black and tan. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi can have coat colors that are red, sable, brindle, black and blue merle.

The word Corgi in the Welsh language means “Dwarf Dog”, which definitely works given the Corgis small stature. However, they are surely not short on personality as they are energetic and fun dogs. Pembroke Welsh Corgis have been the preferred breed of the British Royal family for over 70 years, as Queen Elizabeth II herself has owned over 30 Pembroke Welsh Corgis during her reign as Queen.

Available puppies

available puppiesCorgi puppies for sale


Myla – Female $700


Taro – Male $700


Tina – Female $700


Zoey – Male $700


Our Health Guarantee

Each puppy comes to you with a health guarantee and this serves as an assurance. Please keep in that as long as you are a Corgi puppy Lover we are ready to talk to you, whether or not you want to buy or just want to get info about the breed, do not hesitate to contact us.